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We focus on innovation

With our machinery we are able to meet your highest demands.

In the following, we present a selection of our most important technical equipment:

Paste screen printer:

  •  DEK Infinity – Automatic In-Line Stencil Printer with 2D Inspection for Printed Circuit Boards and Stencils

Siplace SMD:

  • Adhesive dispenser in line

  • With 3 dispenser heads

Incircuit tester:

  • Reinhard test system with needle bed adapter and drilling center

High voltage tester:

  • WGT-50A

Wave soldering system:

  • ERSA EWS 330
  • Double wave soldering system with 3 pre-heating zones for lead-free soldering
  • Stretch foot
  • Double wave soldering machine with 3 preheating zones for leaded soldering

PPS system:

  •  Production order planning and monitoring

  • Production data acquisition and evaluation

  • Process step monitoring

  • Process optimization

  • Machine and personnel resource planning

  • Capacity utilization planning, productivity monitoring

SMD placement machine:

 Siemens/ASM-SIPLACE systems:

  • 35,000 components per hour
  • Component size from 0402 and µBGA
  • Max. PCB size 550×460 mm

Reflow soldering system:

  • Soltec with 8 heating and 2 cooling zones

  • Passat with 6 heating and 2 balancing zones

Optical test:

  • Göpel AOI (automatic optical inspection system)

 Placement tables:

  • Peter Jordan / Heeb semi-automatic placement tables

Component preparation:

  • with automatic bending and cutting machine

Our production and control software is an in-house development

Our production and control software is an in-house development