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Become an industrial clerk at Drews Electronic

If you are interested in training to become an industrial clerk, you would like to know in advance what exactly you can expect. For this reason, we have asked our trainees to tell us a little about their everyday lives. Maybe one or two of them will want to do an apprenticeship with us.


From the school desk to the career ladder. Alessa supports you in sales…

Alessa, you are now in your second year as an industrial clerk in our company, why did you decide to take up this apprenticeship?

After graduating from high school, I wanted to learn a profession that was practice-oriented and on which I could build something later. A commercial apprenticeship seemed to me to be a solid foundation for my future.

As an industrial clerk, I get to know many different areas in the company, attend vocational school twice a week on the side and, once I have completed my training, can further my education with a degree course or a training course as an industrial specialist. I was particularly impressed by these various opportunities when I chose my apprenticeship

Which areas of the company have you got to know so far?

At the beginning of my training I worked in purchasing. Here I mainly checked invoices for our orders and checked whether we received the ordered goods at the right time. I ordered components to match the orders we received and made sure that they arrived on time. By checking the incoming goods at the end of each day, I was able to ensure that we always had the goods we needed in the house.

I also worked in sales and supported my colleagues in winning new customers for the company and in looking after existing customers.

At the moment I am in the third station of my training and get to know the daily events in the administration. Here I take over all administrative tasks that arise in a medium-sized company, such as parts of the bookkeeping or customer contact.

When I am not sitting in the office, I help out in production and in the warehouse and thus strengthen my practical understanding of industrial electronics. In addition, I get to know important components and processes and gain experience that makes it easier for me to deal with suppliers and customers. Working in the different teams is a lot of fun and the different tasks give me enough variety.


From the school desk to the career ladder. Alessa supports you in sales…

In addition to the practical part of the training, you also attend vocational school twice a week – what exactly do you learn there?

I attend the vocational school in Moers and have various subjects there in which I learn everything about business processes, economic and social processes or accounting and bookkeeping. Everything I learn here in theory can be put into practice during my training at Drews Electronic GmbH. I particularly like the combination of theory and practice in my training.

And in goods logistics!