Girls day 2017

Girl's eyes glow when soldering

Drews Electronic GmbH opens its doors to Girls Day 2017

“It shines,” Kathrin shouts. And looks radiantly at her friend Laura. “Mine too,” screams Alina. Six children’s eyes look at each other. “It’s a thing,” Marie says and somehow can’t believe that for the first time in her life she made a wheel of fortune with lights herself.

The girls had previously been sceptical about the soldering points on the wheel of fortune. A short “how should I know how to do that”, but quickly fell silent when the soldering iron began to glow.


Dr. Lutz Ockert explains the Soldering Points of a Wheel of Fortune.

The fact that solder was smoky, the lights shone and the eyes of the girls sparkled was due to the diligence of the interested girls and Holger Schreyl. The industrial electronics technician works in the Drews Electronic production facility and had previously given a total of six girls insights into the manufacture of electronic assemblies. A premiere for them, not the first time for Holger Schreyl. As early as 2016, Drews Electronic GmbH took part in Girls’ Day, a nationwide vocational orientation day for girls from the 5th grade onwards. “We have been active here in Kamp-Lintfort for 25 years and what could be better than to give today’s youth insights into tomorrow’s working life,” says Alexander Belicenko, Managing Director of Drews Electronic GmbH and himself a father of two sons.

Drews Electronic had put together a small team to make the day a success. Julia Wehlmann, trainee at Drews Electronic, held a small company presentation at the beginning. Alessa Behlke from the sales department took over the management of the company and explained various tasks and work areas to the girls.


Alexander Belicenko welcomes six girls to the Career Orientation Day

In two groups we went to Holger Schreyl’s production. Topics such as occupational safety, the construction of a solder joint, the composition of tin solder and the quality features of a solder joint were on the agenda. “It is a responsibility to awaken the interests of young people and show them career opportunities. As a company, we are happy to take on this responsibility,” explains Alexander Belicenko. In addition to getting a taste of everyday working life, the second Girls’ Day at Drews Electronic was also a lot of fun. While eating pizza during the lunch break, there was a lot of talking and laughing. About everything and everyone, but not about school and homework. The six girls thought of both at the end of their visit to the company: “It’s a shame that tomorrow isn’t Girls Day again”, you could hear them shouting as they cycled off.